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The 17th College Student Mental Health Month was successfully concluded
2023-06-21 11:38  

6月19日,The closing ceremony and award party of the 17th Mental Health Month of College Students was successfully held in the school auditorium,The university Party Committee standing Committee, the Minister of Publicity Liu Hui, the Ministry of Student Affairs, the leading teachers of the school Youth League Committee, the person in charge of student work in each college, some college counselors and student representatives a total of more than 700 people participated in the activity。

At the closing ceremony, the video highlights of the activities of the 17th College Students Mental Health Month were first played, and then the outstanding individuals and groups were commended in various activities, and finally the excellent works of this mental health Month were displayed。


Award scene

The aerobics performance "Showing YOUNG Youth" of the Physical Education Institute shows the sunshine and vitality of college students。

New Life, a psychological drama performed by Baiyang Drama Club, focuses on parent-child relationship and tells how parents and children react and deal with parent-child conflicts。

Liu Zichuan used a talk show to tell you how to regulate anxiety and guide you to face the current study and life with a positive and sunny attitude。

The chorus "The Sea of Stars" on behalf of the students' psychological backbone expresses their courage and strength to pursue their dreams

The closing ceremony made the audience feel the warm atmosphere of the Health month again, and drew a successful end to the 17th College Student Mental Health Month。

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