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Ebbinghaus forgetting rule
2023-06-26 10:55  

Studies have shown that the process of forgetting occurs soon after memorization, and its development speed is uneven, forgetting is faster in the first few hours, and gradually slow, such as 20 minutes after memorization stops, forgetting takes 41.8% of what was learned in the first two days had been forgotten by 72%.What was learned in 2% of the time was forgotten only 6% more after 31 days than after two days.7% of the time。

And quite a few students are not aware of this,In the usual study is often according to the class lectures,Do homework after class mode to study and live,Only when midterms or final exams are approaching,"Cram at the last minute",Do a hasty review,This, of course, does not have much effect on learning,Because this practice violates the "timely review" memory principle。

One is to review in time, more review, to prevent forgetting immediately after learning, which is like "strengthening the building", will receive twice the effect;

The second is to use a combination of trying to recall and repeated reading, review, simply read over and over the effect is not good, should be in the material has not remembered before the continuous attempt to recall, review effect can be improved。Recalling is a more active process than reading, which is conducive to memory;

The third is to adopt a variety of review methods, the use of a variety of senses to participate in the review。You can use a variety of methods such as reading, reciting, answering and answering, organizing notes, comparing, and practicing, so that information can reach the cerebral cortex through a variety of sensory channels, establish a wide range of connections to the same content, and strengthen memory。

The fourth is to promote memory through operation activities. For some materials that are difficult to remember simply by reading, activities and operations can be involved in the memory of these materials. For example, when learning the principle of electronic circuits, circuit diagrams can be drawn to help remember the characteristics and connection laws of each component, and even the principle of circuits。

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